There Is Only One Truth in Absolute Sens

It is our duty to accept as true with that all of our prophets were sent by using Allah. It is our duty to believe that every one the information notified by means of them are authentic and real. It is ordered in the verse from the Qur’an that:

“The Messenger believeth in what hath been discovered to him from his Lord, as do the guys of religion. Each one (of them) believeth in Allah, His angels, His books, and His daftar haji plus messengers.” [Baqarah, 285]

Prophets are the real sources of the divine mercy. None of the communities within the universe are deprived of this mercy:

“We (also) despatched (Our messengers) to Peoples earlier than thee; ” [Nahl, 63]

“there never changed into a humans, with out a warner having lived among them (in the beyond).” [Fatir, 24]

Rasulullah (s.A.W.) is the remaining prophet.

“Muhammad isn’t always the father of any of your guys, but (he is) the Messenger of Allah, and the Seal of the Prophets:” [Ahzab, 40]

# Divine Mercy endures till doomsday

Divine mercy has not ended with Him. It maintains together with his successors who’re awliya and it shall continue until Qiyamat (doomsday). Recently, the lord of our universe has created hundreds of devices consisting of telephones, telegraphs, televisions, computer systems, internet, cellular telephones, news and magazines, news portals and different clever media thru His shrewd, experienced and proficient servants in an effort to spread His grace to a wider target audience greater quick. Therefore verses from the Qur’an, hadiths, prayers, non secular conversations attain to remote places. Everybody may be knowledgeable approximately the divine provisions and morals which are taught by way of prophets in addition to recognize approximately the crimes and rewards in their deeds which might be to be assigned by Allah.

Therefore, a person can now not have an excuse of not being knowledgeable.

“Messengers who gave correct information in addition to caution, that mankind, after (the coming) of the messengers, have to don’t have any plea against Allah.” [Nisa, 165]

People not have an excuse to avoid or pretend not to peer the lessons of Islamic faith.

# People who try to separate Allah and His messengers

Dear readers; hadiths provide an explanation for Qur’an and consist of the words and deeds of Rasulullah. The vague sections of the Qur’an are defined through Rasulullah; the obscure elements approximately his phrases and deeds are mutually specified through the companions of Prophet Mohammad and with the ijtihad (diligence) of our students. All these represent “Islam”. In our time, there are a few those who claim that “Qur’an is sufficient for us, we do not want other sources”. People who’ve a “we do no longer receive anything but Qur’an” approach are in truth individuals who wish to interpret Qur’an at their own will. Those who observe their private needs/desires cannot get rid of hassle.

See how Allah warns individuals who want to preserve a route between denial and faith with the aid of keeping apart Him from His prophets:

“Those who deny Allah and His messengers, and (people who) desire to split among Allah and His messengers, announcing: “We trust in some but reject others”: And (those who) want to take a direction midway. They are in fact unbelievers;” [Nisa, 150-151]

“To individuals who trust in Allah and His messengers and make no distinction between any of the messengers, we will quickly provide their (due) rewards.” [Nisa, 152]

# Depending on prophets is a duty

It is also absolutely everyone’s responsibility to be situation to prophets after having religion that prophets and their teachings are real and true and that they’re sent through Allah. Because prophets live and carry on all of the teachings of Allah and they act in line with the revelations with honesty. They individually stay the existence that Allah asks us to pursue with a “exact way of living” and they may be the excellent examples of man in their personal time. That is why we are all obliged to trust in all prophets; trust in Rasulullah who’s the closing prophet; to like him; to rely on him; to observe him and to stay like him. It is ordered inside the verses from Qur’an that:

“observe him that (so) ye can be guided.” [Araf, 158]

“He who obeys the Messenger, obeys Allah.” [Nisa, 80]

“So take what the Messenger offers you, and refrain from what he prohibits you.” [Hashr, 7]

“Say: If ye do love Allah, Follow me: Allah will love you and forgive you your sins:” [Al-I Imran, 31].

# What makes you like Rasulullah and all other believers is Faith

Dear readers,

Love refers to honest bonds. First, love emerges with easy interests. Then, in time it becomes fondness. And then emerges passion and dependency. This passion and dependency in a coronary heart attributes another cost to the cherished one/element. The extra there’s love, the more that fee to the cherished escalates. It makes the cherished one valuable. That is why Mawlana ordered that “Through love, all this is copper might be gold”. Rasulullah seemed love because the source and basis of absolute religion and ordered:

“Without religion, you shall not input paradise. Without loving every different, you can not have real religion”[Muslim, Abu Davud, Tirmidhi]

These values that emerge out of affection most of the time do no longer have logical and clinical factors. Because those are value judgments. These are non secular data which can be based totally ardour and dependency.

Love is not only limited to what’s cherished. Once a man loves, the loved one/issue and all of the related matters to it get into the scope of this love on its very own. Remember the vintage Turkish movies. Remember those enthusiasts who might wipe their face with the handkerchief that his lover had dropped and how he would kiss and smell that handkerchief. Remember the ones younger boys who would hold a chunk of his lovers’ hair for decades.

# The heavenly mild of faith is the love of Allah

Dear readers; “faith” may be very important. It is the idea of Islam. May Allah grant us absolute faith in our ultimate breath? The essence of faith is the approval, popularity and religion that someone has concerning the divine order by using believing in it and being connected to it through coronary heart. “Islam” is the final results of this attachment; it way leading a existence in step with Allah’s will by means of being problem to His instructions. In any other phrases; it approach preferring the desire of Allah to his/her personal desires and desires. This is known as “Sirat al-mustaqim” (the straight route).

When there’s a heartfelt bondage to Allah, its maximum crucial final results will become the essence of religion that’s the affection and appreciate felt for the Holy Creator. This is the “heavenly mild of faith”. When a person lives Islam according with Allah’s will, he starts offevolved to better apprehend what a exquisite blessing the divine grace is. In time, the love and respect that individual has for his Creator evolves and exalts. Hence, that is what leads a person into perfect faith: love. As love grows in coronary heart, its extent also escalates. Whatever is about Allah gains extra significance. Allah and things approximately His religion are referred to as “Sheairullah” (Symbols of Allah). Everything along with prophets, Qur’an, salat, prayer, fasting, azan, harameyn, kaaba, mosques, minarets and so forth. Are all sheairullah. Sheair method symbols, signs and symptoms, insignias, tokens and so on. According to Abdulhaq Al-Dahlawi, “the whole thing that reminds of Allah is sheairullah”. Loving these are obligatory for an ideal religion. A individual should pay respects to the symbols of Allah on the universe and be fond of them even though a few different things aren’t carried out.

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